GEUS technology

GEUS is our patented technology that enables, for the first time, simultaneous genome and epigenome analysis for clinical use and research. 

The technology consists of a specific library preparation kit and proprietary software to analyze the genomic and epigenomic information. The whole process is adapted to the value chain of the DNA sequencing industry, adding value to providers of reagents, equipment and services. 

GEUS is capable of analyzing multiple genetic and epigenetic biomarkers in a single test with a single pipeline. Thus, GEUS enables precision medicine by granting access to comprehensive genomic and epigenomic profiling in conventional clinical settings.



Why is genetics important?

The genetic information is encoded in the DNA of our cells and they read this information in order to know how to proceed. This information is found altered in many illnesses, involving a change, loss or gain in one specific position or in a bigger region of DNA.


Why is epigenetics important?

The epigenetic information affects the accessibility of the DNA, determining the information that the cell reads and influencing how the cell proceeds. The epigenome is shaped by our life history, constituting a dynamic registry of age and the interaction with the environment, including diet, diseases and exposure to harmful agents. Epigenetics is also found altered in many illnesses and has been widely studied in oncology.