Llorenç Coll, CEO

Solid background of 15+ years in the fields of cancer research and genetics and 5+ in project and business management

Miguel A Peinado, CSO

Over 25 years of expertise in cancer genomics and epigenomics with 120+ publications in leading journals and 5 patents

Ana Pou, Project Manager

Wide background in Innovation Project Management, focusing on European and National projects in Health programs. Previous positions at University of Nijmegen, PCB and CSIC

Sheila Santin, Product and Regulatory Affairs Manager

Expert in Clinical Genetics and Genomics. Previous positions at IMPPC, CRG and Fundació Puigvert

Patricia Barrero, Specialized Technician

Wide background in Quality Systems implementation and molecular biology techniques. Previous positions at IJC, Echevarne, IMPPC and L’Oréal.

Ester Cuenca, Business Developer

Deep expertise in NGS and bioinformatic applications in clinical settings. Previous positions at Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Massachusetts General Hospital, Welcome Trust Sanger Institute, CRG, and VHIR

Pau Carrió, Design Lead

Data scientist with expertise in predictive modeling and software development for genomics applications. Previous positions at Research Programme on Biomedical Informatics – GRIB – IMIM under IMI eTOX project

Marta Forn, Manufacturing Manager

Expert in cancer epigenetics and NGS. Previous positions at IMPPC, LMU Munich and CRG-CNAG

David Martin, Quality Manager

Deep expertise in cancer genetics and bioinformatic applications in clinical settings. Previous positions at IDIBAPS-Hospital Clinic Barcelona

Heidi Mattlin, Specialized Technician

Broad background in molecular biology techniques with experience in project management. Previous positions at BioTissue, Universitätsspital Zürich Cancer Research, CRG, CNAG and qGenomics.